The Types of Foam Inserts you will need for your Toolbox

Over the past few months we have been preparing ourselves for a release of new foam inserts – inserts that would be able to fit so perfectly into toolboxes, no faffing around with cutting, making sure you meet certain dimensions or ensuring it’s perfectly straight otherwise it may look a bit dodgy in your tool box – just the perfect fit.

This month we are proud to release our brand-new foam inserts range for these toolboxes:
• Stanley
• Festool
• Milwaukee
• Tanos
• Bosch
• DeWalt
• Makita

Makita Makpac Inserts

Makita Makpac is Makita’s most popular toolbox range. The Makpac is a real bunch of fantastic connector cases that are top class when it comes to tool organisation and storage, especially for all your Makita Tools.

Our Shadow Foam Easy Peel fits perfectly into the MakPac Type 1 to Type 4 toolboxes but better yet, it comes in a mixture of different colours if you do not fancy sticking with red or black. The Easy peel foam used for these types of inserts is incredibly easy to use and build your perfect placement for your tools, power tools and items.

Choosing the right Makita Makpac Insert has never become so easy, especially for those who have only began looking into organising their tools. If you are unsure as to which Makpac it would fit, we have a button on the page answering that very question next to the product!

Festool Systainer Inserts

One of the most product products in the Festool range is their Systainers toolboxes, with demand being high for these toolboxes. We have released Festool Systainer Inserts covering you for all T-Loc Systainers from one to five as well as their Systainer³ M range.

Our Foam Inserts for the Festool Systainer fit into Panasonic and Tanos toolboxes perfectly as well, due to the dimensions being almost the exact the same.
For the Festool range, everything appears to have a place of its own and it really does with our Festool Systainer foam Inserts – Power tools, machines, accessories and other possible items that you will need in your Festool Systainer modular system.

Using our Shadow Foam inserts has never been easier, especially when we have done the calculating of dimensions for you and best yet, it is cut out ready to put into your toolbox once you receive it. The foam inserts have been cut out using our incredibly easy to use and super popular Easy Peel foam. This foam is not only super easy to use but is 100% recyclable, odourless and is fully reversible – yes you read that right – you can use either side of the shadow foam, it’s completely your choice.

DeWalt Foam Inserts

DeWalt is incredibly globally recognised brand and they build some fantastic toolboxes, especially their TSTAK and Tough System range, these storage containers are build to handle almost any job.

Their new DeWalt Tstak and DeWalt Tough System toolboxes are all you need from a toolbox modular system – durable, portable and customisable, with our DeWalt Foam Inserts taking you to the next level of protection, organisation and tidiness.

Our DeWalt Foam Inserts range is fantastic for those wanting the perfect foam to mix in with their toolbox, but better yet, perhaps a foam that links up to the colour of the toolbox? – Yes, our foam comes in yellow.

The tough, durable and flexible toolboxes works perfectly with our durable, resistant and 100% recyclable foam inserts. Our foam inserts are completely water resistant, common chemical resistant, wipeable and exceptionally durable – making it the perfect combination with the best toolboxes.
DeWalt Toolboxes are made to last and so will your tools with our inserts.

Bosch Sortimo L Boxx Inserts

The Bosch Sortimo L-Boxx works perfectly with our latest Foam Inserts, especially providing additional efficient storage for your power tools, accessories, consumables and other items. The Bosch Modular system is fantastic for those aiming to become very organised but also have a very robust toolbox system.

The L-boxx is both impact-resistant and splash protected, but also comes with a robust latch which are super easy to use and open. For those Bosch fans out there, we recommend using our Bosch Sortimo L-Boxx Inserts alongside your toolbox.

Our Bosch L-Boxx inserts fit perfectly into your entire system, and this means no messing around having to cut to specific dimensions or having a headache with it not fitting etc – we have done all the work and perfected the foam inserts, it fits snug without any issues.

The robust Bosch toolboxes work perfectly with our durable, 100% recyclable, water and common chemical resistant shadow foam.

Milwaukee Packout Foam

Since our initial release of our foam inserts, Milwaukee Packout Foam has been flying off the shelves! Milwaukee have revolutionised tool organisation and storage with their latest Packout toolbox modular system.

Some of their most popular toolboxes are their organisers range for the Packout – the range can connect and lock to each other through their new multi footprint system, allowing for far easier transportation.

Our Milwaukee Packout foam inserts fit:
• Milwaukee Packout Compact Organiser
• Milwaukee Packout Organiser
• Milwaukee Packout Toolbox/Case 2&3

Easy Peel foam has become the perfect ally to those who have Milwaukee Packout Organisers or the Toolbox due to the ease of use, durability, protection of their tools and resistance to water and common chemicals.

Stanley Fatmax Organiser Inserts

The Stanley FatMax toolbox range is another incredibly popular toolbox – a truly durable mix of toolbox containers that you can count on to deliver. The Stanley toolbox range is the perfect mix for those professional tradespeople and serious home improvers, as the Fatmax range covers everything you need to get the job done.

We have listened to our customers, and we have now created a range of different Stanley FatMax Organiser Inserts:
• Stanley FatMax ProStack Shallow Box + Deep Box
• Stanley FatMax ProStack Double Drawer + Deep Drawer
• Stanley FatMax Deep Pro Organiser

For those looking for foam inserts but also a little more colour, we also offer our Stanley Foam Inserts in Yellow and Black, and for those who want a little more colour – we offer a variety of other colours!

Our foam inserts are created from our super easy to use product, so easy that it’s in the name – Easy Peel. For novices or newbies who have never really organised their toolboxes, roll cabs or tool cases before – we offer on every product page a ‘How to cut Easy Peel’.

Tanos Systainer Inserts

The most popular toolboxes in the Tanos range are their Systainer range. The Tanos Systainers can stack nicely on top of one another using a lock, open and connect method that allows for more Systainers to be attached without any issues.

Our Tanos Systainer Inserts range is made from our most popular foam, and it is super easy to use for those novices or beginners who are new to organising your toolboxes.

Our Tanos range comes with a mixture of different colours, so you can mix it up a little bit with yellow, orange, red or even green or perhaps you may want to connect the colours of the Tanos brand and go with blue.

We have a mixture of different Foam inserts available for the Tanos Systainer range:
• Tanos T-LOC Systainer 1-5
• Tanos Mini-Systainer T-LOC
• Tanos Sortainer T-Loc Sys -Sort IV/3
• Tanos Systainer & Drawer – Combi 3

We wanted to offer our customers the chance to buy their foam inserts readily prepared to slip into their Tanos Systainer toolboxes, ensuring the dimensions are perfect and your tools are protected, tidy and safe, without any possible movement around the edges.

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