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Makita Makpac Inserts

Makita Makpac Shadow Foam Inserts

What do our customers think of our Makita MakPac Inserts?

Saul Wheatley
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Really impressed, and now I have everything I want, neatly located and held in place perfectly.
Glyn Durant
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The first thing to say is that this product is fantastic, it has allowed me organise my toolbox helping with my efficiency and it’s easy to spot missing tools.
Richard Nicholls
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This product is brilliant and the Easy Peel variety is extremely easy to use. A superb way to store my tools and tidy my drawers.
Matt Roberts
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Watched a few YouTube videos and was a bit sceptical about how easy this was going to be, but it really is as easy as they say...

The Makita Makpac is undoubtedly the brand’s most popular toolbox.  These connector cases are stackable, connectable, and portable.  The Makpac comes in four sizes, all cleverly engineered to securely interlock with the rest of the Makpac range. So ideal for transporting your valuable tools.

What is the Makita Makpac foam insert?

We are continuously evolving and improving our products and ranges. At the fore of our development plans was the introduction of ready-made toolbox inserts. And given their popularity, top of that list had to be these Makita Makpac inserts. Zero messing around, no cutting out the unique and complex shape that makes up the basis of your toolbox. Just a ready-made perfectly fitted Makita Makpac foam insert to simply slot into your toolbox.

The innovative Makita Makpac inserts are designed to enhance your tool storage. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to equip you to get the most from your toolboxes. They will take you to the next level of organisation, protection and tidiness.  

Why do I need a Makita foam insert for my Makpac?

These toolboxes are designed to last, and so is our range of Makita Makpac inserts. A Makita foam insert is the perfect means of getting organised, whatever your business or hobby. It allows you to keep your tools and equipment safely secured and protected within your toolbox. These Shadow Foam inserts come following many years of development, and with you in mind. We are tool users too, and know what you need, so our inserts are packed with unique and useful features. 

With a little initial investment of time to fit your tools into the foam inserts, you’ll reap the rewards for years to come. No more damaged tools! From now on it will be clearly visible if you haven’t returned something to it’s rightful place. Just think, the expense of losing things could become a thing of the past. Consider too the time you’ll save looking for things which you haven’t packed or left on a job somewhere. Who said you can’t buy time!? 

The Makita Makpac foam insert range also helps you look the business. Slick, professional and organised… it’s so easy to give yourself the edge. The Makita foam inserts also come in a range of 7 colours. So you can either go for maximum impact, match the insert to your tools or box, or go corporate and colour your tool storage to compliment your company branding.

How do I cut Makita Foam Inserts?

A Makita Makpac foam insert is designed and created in our unique, durable and super-easy to use grade of foam. They truly are a one-of-a-kind product and have become popular with everyone. However skilled or inexperienced you consider yourself to be in creating custom storage, with our help, you can create a masterpiece. We produce guides and resources to help you though, and most people love the process so much they go on to make more and more Shadow Foam storage!

What if we don't make an insert for your case?

Not a problem! If we don’t make the foam insert that fits in your toolbox or tool case, then you can still create a DIY insert. 

If this is something that you are interested in the watch the following video. The process is very simple, you just need to pick up a standard sheet or custom size foam and follow the instructions.

Makita Makpac Inserts


Unfortunately, we do not offer a cutting service for your Makita Makpac Foam Inserts. It is super easy to do yourself. Check out our tutorial above or find out How to cut Foam here.

Absolutely, you can change the base colour to either Teal, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange or Red!

Yes absolutely. You can find our Samples here.

Absolutely! Our foam is reversible – either use the black side or the coloured side on the back, your choice! 

Makita Makpac Organised

The Makita Makpac system comes with several fantastic connector cases that offer a cracking storage solution for all your Makita tools. The containers can be stacked on top of each other and connected with the locking latches for each individual unit – super easy to carry round or link up to the trolley.

For those who have the full Makita Power tools and Makita Makpac set, our Makita Foam inserts will be the perfect choice for you – especially when we have all the Makpac system inserts available.

Our Shadow Foam works perfect with the Makpac system, especially for those looking to protect, customise, ensure their tools and items are super easy to find and organise themselves.

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