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Tanos Systainer Inserts


One of the most popular products in the Tanos range is their Systainer T-Locs range from 1 to 5. The Tanos Systainers offer plenty of different sized toolboxes with a range of different features. We have released our new Tanos Systainer Inserts range covering you for all T-LOC Systainers from 1 to 5.

What do our customers think of our toolbox foam?

Saul Wheatley
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Really impressed, and now I have everything I want, neatly located and held in place perfectly.
Glyn Durant
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The first thing to say is that this product is fantastic, it has allowed me organise my toolbox helping with my efficiency and it’s easy to spot missing tools.
Richard Nicholls
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This product is brilliant and the Easy Peel variety is extremely easy to use. A superb way to store my tools and tidy my drawers.
Matt Roberts
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Watched a few YouTube videos and was a bit sceptical about how easy this was going to be, but it really is as easy as they say...

tANOS Systainer Inserts - Easy Peel

Shadow foam Easy Peel has become our most popular products for toolbox foam but also a perfect tool and items organiser for many businesses and individuals.

Our latest Tanos Systainer inserts offer the perfect fit for all:

  • Tanos T-LOC Systainer 1-5
  • Tanos Mini-Systainer T-Loc
  • Tanos Sortainer T-LOC SYS-Sort IV / 3
  • Tanos Systainer & Drawer – Combi 3

We decided it was time to be able to offer our customers a different sort of product, one that fits perfectly into their toolbox, no cutting out, no messing around, just the perfect fit. Our Shadow Foam Easy Peel has many different features – it is perfect to ensure your equipment and items are not only very well protected, but also incredibly tidy, super easy to find and do not move about during transport.

Our Tanos Systainer T-LOC inserts are perfect for those looking to add a little colour to their toolbox. Our foam inserts come with 6 different base colours to choose from – Blue, Black, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange.

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How do I cut tanos Inserts?

Our Tanos Systainer T-Loc Inserts are made from our most popular and super easy to use product. Shadow Foam Easy Peel is a truly one-of-a-kind foam insert and as its name says, it is easy to use for those who are a little inexperienced when it comes to using foam or a toolbox organiser.

One of the unique points for our Easy Peel foam insert is that you can have the product in many different colours!

You can mix it up with a yellow, an orange base or perhaps choose your favourite colour. This will make your Tanos Systainer far more pleasing on the eye, especially when it is linked up to a colour of your choosing.

Click on our video to learn how to cut Easy Peel like a pro!

Tanos Systainer Inserts
Tanos Systainer Inserts
Tanos Systainer Inserts


Unfortunately, we do not offer a cutting service for your Tanos Systainer T-LOC Foam Inserts. It is super easy to do yourself. Check out our tutorial above or find out How to cut Foam here.

Absolutely, you can change the base colour to either Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange or Red!

Yes absolutely. You can find our Easy Peel Samples here.

Absolutely! Our foam is reversible – either use the black side or the coloured side on the back, your choice! 

tANOS Systainer ORganised

The Tanos Systainer T-Loc range is fantastic for stacking your individual Systainers on top of one another. The Tanos Systainer uses a lock, open and connect method that allows for more Systainers to be attached without any issues. The second generation combines well with innovation of the Systainer functions but also mixes nicely with an attractive design.

The Tanos Systainer foam Inserts work perfectly with the entire system, especially for those looking to organise, protect and ensure their tools, items and other things are easy to find.

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