Toolbox Organiser – From Novice to Expert

Getting to know Shadow Foam! How to go from novice to expert.

We see some extraordinary creations come through every day from our customers. Some designs and projects truly blow us away, some just look really cool!

To a novice, it may look a bit daunting as is the same with anything you are new to, the first question you ask is “How do I make mine look like that?” or “Am I picking the right foam for my toolbox” OR “Is this the right colour?

Toolbox Organiser

We can certainly help steer you in the right direction for the first two questions when picking a toolbox organiser, but the third question is certainly for you to decide, especially when we have 8 different colours to choose from.

How do I make mine look like that? – Well, the first would be to learn how to cut our easy peel, once you have got a feel for it, you’ll be able to plan your project/creation properly! Check out our video

Am I picking the right foam for my toolbox? – There are two ways to go about this question. First it may be worth checking whether our foam inserts work for your toolbox, and secondly we’ve created special guide for those who need a little guidance on which foam would fit which toolbox the best! – Choose the right toolbox foam.

Look for inspiration

You know how to cut your Shadow Foam but not sure how to design your project, or need a little bit of inspiration to give you an idea of what your toolbox organiser could look like in your toolbox or storage container?

Our customers on Instagram and Facebook have created some awesome designs from Shadow Foam, and we believe that would be the best place to start when mapping out your project.

Toolbox Organiser

We share images of both our own and our customer’s projects daily. There is probably every toolbox with tools from every manufacturer on there, neatly organised with Shadow Foam, of course! –

Another place that could be of interest would be our Foam Nation Facebook group where customers come to share their projects. From tools to cameras, fishing gear to display cases, you should find a project just like yours.

Join the group here:

Finally, our YouTube channel with over 30,000 subscribers is where we have some fun! Epic projects include a Power tool wall and even some fantastic Star Wars cosplay. We have some challenges, including making custom artwork and some great toolbox transformations.

Find out more and subscribe here:

Ask and Join our Community

As well as using our Facebook Group the “Foam Nation” to get inspired, it is also a great place to ask for advice and guidance. If there isn’t one of the Shadow Foam team to answer, then another member of our community will jump on and help you out.

This is also where we share our latest products and offers, so there are also extra benefits for being involved!

View our how-to guides

We have detailed cutting guide videos for both our foam inserts and Shadow Easy peel foam. Watching these before you start will make a difference to how easy you find working with Shadow Foam.

Jonathan has been cutting Shadow Foam since day one, so he is the best person to advise!

These videos can be found on both our website and our YouTube channel.

Get in touch

Behind Shadow Foam are real people, and one of our main aims is to provide fantastic customer service. So if you are not sure whether to go with Shadow Foam Inserts or Easy Peel foam or you want advice about how to use the foam, then drop us a message via email, Facebook or Instagram, and we will do our best to help!

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