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Shadow Foam Creations Episode 25

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The Perfect Snap-On Toolbox Organiser

Organising a shadow toolbox is never an easy job, but if you’re like me, it can be quite enjoyable. The tricky bit comes with keeping it organised.

That was the case with this 40″ Snap-On Roll Cab and Top Chest. Whether you have an EPIQ, KRL or Classic Snap-On toolbox, keeping it organised can be a nightmare.

In this video we took an already well organised toolbox, and stepped it up to another level. We removed all of the moulded trays and makeshift foam packaging and replaced it with cut to size Shadow Foam inserts.

As the drawers were already categorised, with a rough idea of layout in each, cutting the tools into the Shadow Foam was all it took to get this box looking perfect.

Snap-On Toolbox

How long does it take to cut the Shadow Foam?

This box took approximately 20 hours to complete including the top section. Averaging just under two hours per drawer.

Timing can vary depending on the contents obviously. A socket drawer takes far longer than a plier drawer due to the high volume of items in the socket drawer.

A top tip to speed up a socket drawer however, is to cut the sockets into the foam on rails. This means you are cutting one shape instead of multiple and allows you to take a complete set of sockets out when required for a job.

Snap-On Toolbox

How much did the Shadow Foam Original cost for this box?

The Dimensions for this box were as follows;

Top Section – 475mm x 1010mm (1 of)

Top Right Side Drawers – 445mm x 545mm (4 of)

Top Left Side Drawers – 445mm x 285mm (4 of)

Bottom Drawer Dimensions – 445mm x 875mm x 30mm (7 of)

There would be two ways to order foam for this toolbox, Shadow Foam Standard Sheets that you then cut down to size, or Custom Sizes.

The cheaper option would be Standard Sheets. You would need 12 sheets in total to complete the box. Including our online bulk discounts this would work out to £215.91 + VAT and would include a Free Cutting Kit and a Free 1m Cutting Straight Edge.

Find out what our customers think.

Interested in Shadow Foam? Pick up a sample

Check out the video to see how we made it and get a closer look at it.

If you want to make your own creations you can! Use either standard sheets or a custom size!

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