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A Power Tool Wall – The Ultimate Power Tool Storage Idea

It seems that we have started a trend. A power tool storage revolution, perhaps. We bring you: The Power Tool Wall. But how do you hang power tools on a wall?

The Beginning

Back in November 2019, we created a video of one of our most epic projects to date. A Makita power tool wall. As at the time of writing, that video has been viewed by over 1.5 million people. It seems many of us have been looking for that dream power tool storage solution Ever since we’ve been seeing huge sheets of foam flying out of the warehouse doors. Better yet, people have been sharing their amazing creations with us on Instagram.

After seeing the perfect place to slot a power tool storage wall in, we decided to use all of the Makita tools we have in the workshop. We wanted to create something that was practical, but visually striking.

In this picture, we have used our shadow foam original which can be cut out to organise your tools, but in this picture we have used it as a power tool wall storage. The power tools are perfectly fitted into the foam for wall storage, which is fantastic for organisation. In the picture we have chosen Makita tools to add to our wall.
Looking for power tool storage ideas? Look no further than the Makita Wall by Shadow Foam

Shadow Foam is easy to cut, and all we had to do for most of the tools was to cut straight through. We then glued on a backing sheet so we didn’t have to worry about trimming the depth. The best part about this project is not only is it useful, but the display is incredible. The contrast between the blue of the Makita power tools and the vivid red of Shadow Foam Original makes for an amazing display.

If you want to make your own version of our Makita power tool wall, our wall was 1500mm x 1000mm x 100mm (70mm front sheet and a 30mm backing sheet) – your size may vary.

Foam for the people!

The idea of a power tool wall is not a new one. People have been making them from wood, metal, pegs, you name it. But until now, no one has used foam – not Shadow Foam anyway!

Those that wish to kit out their Makita Makpac Toolbox, look no further – our latest Makita Makpac Foam Inserts are not one to be passed. These new inserts move around the idea of having to cut out foam for your toolbox, this is already ready to fit into the makpac – no cutting, no messing around – just the perfect fit.

After the success of our video on YouTube, we’ve had plenty of customers looking for power tool storage ideas who have taken inspiration from us and put their own spin on our creation. We love seeing people use Shadow Foam in all kinds of ways, and these tool walls are some of the best we’ve seen!

In this picture, we have used our shadow foam original, the colour blue, which can be cut out to organise your tools, but in this picture we have used it as a power tool wall storage. The power tools are perfectly fitted into the foam for wall storage, which is fantastic for organisation. In the picture we have chosen Makita power tools to add to our wall.
One of our customer’s power tool storage ideas – Makita Power Tool Wall by @jonnybck

Our first tool wall creator, @jonnybck, went with his Makita power tools as well but opted for a striking blue design. The thick wood border really framed the whole piece nicely. As a result, the wall is definitely taking on the dual role of being practical and a visual display.

“I did one [tool] and showed the other half and she did the rest… The depth of cut can be a slight pain if you’re not going all the way like I did”

Taking on the same idea as our Makita wall, Jonathan cut all the way through one sheet, then put a backing sheet behind it. This stops the need for trimming depth, which some people may find a bit of a challenge. Because of this, a smooth shadow effect is created, as the inlay where the tool was is completely flat.

Double whammy!

Our next Shadow Foamer has not only created one power tool wall but TWO! The first being a Bosch power tool wall, the second was created as a Ryobi power tool wall. Both of these walls look amazing and clearly demonstrate just how Shadow Foam was intended to be used. Everything is organised, easy to spot, and looks great.

The picture contains a workshop but with shadow foam original acting as a tool wall storage. The power tool wall is the colour purple, one of many colours shadow foam provides the foam in, and the tools that are perfectly placed on the wall are Bosch power tools.
Bosch Power Tool Wall by @freundvnniemand

Both of these walls demonstrate two examples of how you can design them. The first is very subtle, the colours of the tools and the foam mix well and complement each other. However, with the Ryobi power tool wall, the yellow really pops. @freundvnniemand has gone for a different style of design for the frame, compared to @jonnybck‘s wall design. Using a slimmer frame makes it blend into the wall and allows it to fit nicely into the workshop space. This design may be utilitarian to some extent, but the foam is anything but. The colours mean that it is easy to spot when something is missing from the wall. Meaning you never have to worry about whether you’ve misplaced something, as it’s so easy to spot an empty slot.

Ryobi Power Tool Wall in Black Shadow Foam Original - the picture has the power tools placed on the wall with shadow foam original, the colour is black and all tools fit perfectly into their cut outs. The wall is sitting above a very tidy power tool station with a whole mix of ryobi yellow power tools
Ryobi Power Tool Wall by @freundvnniemand

Join the tool wall revolution

Of course, you can use any brand; DeWalt, Snap-On, Milwaukee, to name a few, would all look great in a tool wall! And you don’t even have to use power tools! The guys over at Brothers Make have created a small tool wall for all their essential bits and pieces.

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