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“What a revelation this product is for me and my fellow engineers.”
Nigel Birse

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Everything In Its Place.

Just imagine being able to spot when a tool is missing, or not having to tick off a checklist for a tool inventory. Whether it’s a toolbox, a flight case or racking, you can be sure that Shadow Foam will keep all of your items safe, secure and protected.

Never Lose A Tool Again

How easy it is to overlook an item when organising traditionally with everything bundled together? One quick glance and you can see if something is missing.

Compliance With Regulations

In some sectors it is essential that every tool is accounted for, it can be the difference between life and death. Toolbox inventories or lists of contents are inadequate. One look and you can check off the contents a matter of seconds, ensuring compliance with CAA and BRC regulations.

Squeeze More In

Most people think they have no room for foam. In reality, you can achieve a more efficient layout that saves space, while being organised.

Tried and Trusted By Industry Leaders

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25,000+ Customers Can't Be Wrong!

red easy peel spanners

“My tools have never been so easy to find and keep organised not to mention looks pretty cool! Would recommend to anyone!”⁠

Red Toolbox - Green Foam

“I can’t believe how much I got into one toolbox. I have a 7 draw roller cabinet left, with only enough stuff to fill 2 draws.”

orange original

“The first thing to say is that this product is fantastic, it has allowed me organise my toolbox helping with my efficiency and it’s easy to spot missing tools.”



Shadow Foam is the ultimate customisable foam, offered in two grades: Original and Easy Peel.

Like many things in life, practice makes perfect. We have many happy customers who create fantastic foam liners to a very high standard. With each order we supply a free cutting pack that contains instructions detailing how to cut the foam correctly.

Absolutely, we offer custom sizes that you can find at our shop

Shadow Foam is CNC friendly. Our friends at Ooznest have put together a video here.

Yes you can! We offer sample packs available to order here

Easy Peel offers colours in both top and base colour styles. Original only offers surface colours.

Get your tools organised today!

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