Visual controls and why you need them

Or, to extend the traffic light analogy, any car going through a red light is clearly abnormal but traffic flowing through a green light would be normal. So in much the same way, bringing visual controls to other processes removes any ambiguity from a situation.  It empowers individuals to automatically assess if something is right or wrong with a simple visual reference.   

Take for example an average workforce, some members may not have English as their first language.  Others have issues with reading, or short-sightedness. Many are just visual learners who respond or react far more readily to a visual cue than a written instruction.  A pressure gauge has to be monitored to ensure it doesn’t exceed a certain PSI. In that scenario, what’s the more effective; a written number to cross reference which can be mislaid or misread, or a visual guide on the gauge to indicate when the level is at safe or unsafe levels?  

Bringing in measures to create a visual workplace with controls that communicate without the need for words is so powerful and useful in any number of situations. Visual controls can not only help identify problems, and create a safer, more efficient working environment.  But they also bring with them a host of other benefits when applied correctly.  For example, waste reduction, reduced production costs, quicker lead times… all of which can result in increased profits.

Visual Controls standardise decision making based on facts.  That’s how they are so effective.  And typically they are very cost-effective to implement too.  So coupled with the simplicity of rolling out the new processes, it’s little wonder more and more organisations are turning to visual control methods.  

Remember, we are here to help so if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need more direction on your visual control journey, please do get in touch.

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