Tool organisation for Snap-On Roll Cab

Tool organisation is a hugely important part of a professional mechanics set up. Tools can be hugely expensive and misplacing them or not having them on hand can lead to increased time and replacement cost, both of which effect your businesses profits! We asked Peter Dodd, a vehicle mechanic, why he chose Shadow Foam for as the solution to his toolbox organisation. What made you choose Shadow Foam for your snap-on roll cab tool organisation? “I’ve been searching for a tool organising solution for a number of years now to take over my numerous socket/spanner holders. I came across Shadow foam and got hold of a sample. I decided to go ahead and order the red dual colour foam. It arrived very quickly and well packaged, it took me a while to go at any speed but it didn’t take long to speed up. How did you set out your tools? I used a 6mm allen key as my spacer between sockets and a set square which worked pretty well. The foam itself is very easy to cut with the scalpel (as long as its sharp) but surprisingly durable when in use. Do you plan to organise all your tools with Shadow Foam? Although I haven’t finished all my tool boxes yet, what I have done I’ve been very impressed with and I will be ordering more for my other boxes when I finish these! Thank you Shadow FOam for all your help and I look forward to dealing with you in the future. ” Peter Dodd – Mechanic Check out this video to see how easy it is to get organised with Shadow Foam.
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