Sonic The Hedgehog SEGA Mega Drive Mini Case

To celebrate both the release of the SEGA Megadrive Mini and Sonic The Hedgehog we decided to make a custom Sonic case for the Megadrive Mini. This was one of our bigger projects with some CNC cutting, Laser engraving and of course… foam cutting!

The first step was to create the building blocks of the case. We made the case from some MDF and made a design for our CNC router to cut out. We stacked three of the outlines on top of a base layer and glued it all together.

Next, we sprayed the whole case in Sonic blue. After a few coats it was then lacquered and left to dry overnight. With the piece that would be the lid we did something a bit more special with it. We created a Bitmap image of Sonic and the laser engraved it on. Then we added hinges and a metal strip to go aroundt eh edge to finish it up.

Cutting the Easy Peel was easy! It does what it says on the tin! If you want to see the process in depth, check out the video.

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