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Shadow Foam Uses – storage walls

In these times it’s typical to have too much “stuff” and not enough space. That’s why we have developed some wall storage ideas to help keep your gear tidy, organised, and most importantly save space. What’s more, our storage walls can be a work of art. They display your gear so much more effectively that usual wall mounted storage. So if you’re looking for workshop space saving ideas, wall storage ideas or just space saving storage, you’ve come to the right place.

The original workshop space saving ideas wall… the Makita Power Tool Wall Mark 1

For us, the “lightbulb moment” came when we made our first Makita power tool wall a few years ago. Many of you will have seen it, the original video had over 1.8m views! Since then, our product has changed a little, making it even more perfect for storage walls. We’ve also learned a thing or two from making the first one, and moreover Jona’s tool collection has expanded massively. All of which meant we had to create a new tool wall to house everything last year.

Since then, we’ve also ventured into all sorts of different wall storage ideas, as we know you have too. Our hot sauce cabinet was a particularly niche one but we know it inspired you into more diverse and arty pursuits too.

Anyone else? need this wall mounted storage idea in their lives?

Next up was our Sneak Energy wall. Full of collectors items, rare containers and shakers, and basically our massive stock of Sneak products to keep our team going! Incidentally if you like this and want to try Sneak for yourself, use our affiliate code Shadowfoam at the checkout.

Since then, we’ve seen so many of you creating your own tool walls. Many people are using Shadow Foam to create wall mounted storage for all manner of things. So we thought it worth offering up some tips from the wall storage ideas we’ve made. Here’s how you can really get the most from your space saving storage using Shadow Foam.

Remember all our storage walls were made completely by hand. There was no machine cutting, so you can re-create the same, quite easily at home or work. Here are some tips that might help:

Tips when thinking about foam storage walls

  • Depth of foam.
    Our foam storage walls are pretty deep… that’s because we needed them to house larger power tools and containers. But if you’re using it to house hand-tools, smaller pieces of kit or containers, does it need to be that deep? We used two layers of foam, but maybe you only need one? Give some thought to the largest items you want to store in there. Then, the depth you want to cut them down into, and then you can work out the rest from there.
  • Colour.
    We went corporate with our company colours of red and black, but we’ve seen amazing use of colour from others. You could even combine colours to really make your wall storage pop.
  • Framing.
    This is especially important when housing heavier items. We have created supports for our foam, but for smaller, lighter items this may not be necessary.
  • Fixings.
    Think about how you want to attatch or mount your foam wall… check out our Makita Wall Mark II for some neat tips on concealing reinforcements for heavier items
  • Plan, plan, plan.
    Always think about making the things you use more often most accessible in your wall mounted storage. Think about other things that may be on your wall (shelves, cupboards and so on) which may obstruct you when taking things in and out of the wall. Also you want it to look awesome, so if you have cables, maybe you’ll want to hide them away within the foam as we did?

Don’t just take our word for it….

We’ve seen some incredible tool walls created all around the world using our Shadow Foam. Dare we say, some are even better than ours and give us inspiration for our next projects!

The incredible Brothers Make made this gorgeous wood-turning storage wall in their workshop.
J Bhamra took his inspiration from our Makita Wall Mark I for this illuminated version in his workshop.
Bosch fan? Check out this workshop space saving idea!
We adore the Swiss precision that Thierry Payot brought to his Bosch power tool wall…. simply stunning!
We will never stop being impressed at this incredible Makita / Wera tool wall…. awesome.

The possibilities are endless

If you have a shortage of space, you can use our Shadow Foam to amazing effect to really maximise your space and make your wall look epic. Let your imagination run wild, and if you need any help from us for your project, do get in touch.

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