Shadow Foam used for PPE in the fight against Covid-19

At the time of writing, the number of reported Covid-19 deaths in the UK is 12,868; 19 of which are NHS workers, directly caused by a lack of vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This pandemic is an unprecedented event, that has caused major disruption to many lives worldwide. Here at Shadow Foam, we have been stretched thin by reduced staff numbers, as well as may of our non-essential staff working from home. However, this does not mean that we are down and out of the fight.

There is some incredible work going on in our local community. After hearing the news of the PPE shortage, local business owners, Paul Dodd began production of face masks. Using their equipment and time, Hartford firms Trade CNC and Weaver Dane are creating plastic face visors for NHS workers. Aided by a fundraiser – that has now hit £3,275 of the £1,000 target – the companies are mass-producing as many face shields as physically and financially possible.

To aid in this struggle, we have donated foam to be used as the headbands from our stock. This means that donation money can be saved for the purchase of plastics. These plastics are vital as they are used for the majority of the production. We never expected Shadow Foam to be used in any capacity close to this, but we are more than happy to assist where we can. If you are in a position to be able to help too, please donate to the Just Giving Page. All donations will go straight to the production of these potential life-saving face shields for our NHS workers.

For updates, please visit the Covid-19 Face Visors Cheshire Facebook page