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Sealey Tool Chest Transformation

We wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to transform a Sealey tool chest with Shadow Foam. We are partnered with Sealey, and thought it fitting to showcase one of their tool chests. So here we go kitting out a Sealey tool chest with our foam inserts. Equally you could do this with any other tool chest or even a Sealey tool box. But we think this looks great…!

So how is it done?

Planning the layout of your Sealey tool box, drawer or chest is the most important step in the process

The process is simple, all you have to do is spend a little time planning the layout. Then just cut and peel. Our foam can be cut with any sharp knife; we used a utility knife here to show you.  But we do send a cutting pack out free with every order over £50. Additionally, we recommend these cutting kits which are available to buy from us too. These make precision cutting much easier and keep you safe too with a pair of cutting gloves.

The next step is peeling. A common thought is that the foam will simply peel away like the skin off a banana. However, if that were the case it would just fall apart under any kind of stress! That’s not what we want as we have created these foam inserts to last you for a long time. Some effort needs to go into the peeling process, digging your fingers into the foam and pulling it up layer by layer. Take your time, it’s worth persevering as this will ensure that the layers don’t delaminate, keeping surface underneath it flat. We have lots of resources to help you with this part of the process if you need them.

Next it’s just a matter of checking the fit, just make some extra cuts if necessary for relief. Then it’s just rinse and repeat for the rest of the tools!

A great finish in our Sealey tool chest with tools perfectly cut into the foam drawer insert

Want to know more?

If you would like to get organised with Easy Peel you can order directly from us. If you’d like some bigger sheets then head over to Sealey to find a stockist!

Our new Tool Box Foam Inserts are becoming increasingly popular amongst those looking to organise their toolbox. But this project was extremely easy to create thanks to how simple it is to cut our foam. So don’t be put off if we don’t sell the ready-made insert to fit your box, you can still get organised with our foam.

Need inspiration on layout or ideas? Check out our Instagram or Facebook page for more shares, tips and hacks. Or for support from our community subscribe on Youtube or visit the Foam Nation group on Facebook. This is where the creative foam-fan community will help you with whatever you need.

Interested in trying out Shadow Foam? Pick up a sample 

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