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Reseller Focus – meet Airsoft Anonymous

Airsoft Anonymous are an Airsoft retail and online shop which also offers technical services for everything Airsoft. Based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, they’ve been long-time users of Shadow Foam. Chances are if you see an Airsoft gun case we have shared at any point it will be from, by or at least inspired by these guys’ work. A recent operation meant owner Jenni’s hand was out of service for a short while. As you’d expect, Jonathan was only too happy pack some Nuprol airsoft case inserts, jump into the car and step into the breach! Here’s how he came to the, ahem, rescue. To help out with a KWA Airsoft project Jenni was working on.

Of course, we may have had a slight ulterior motive too. You guessed it, the opportunity for a little bit of filming while we were there!

Nuprol Airsoft hard cases have been massively popular for Airsoft Anonymous and Shadow Foam customers alike.

More about Airsoft Anonymous

The business was born out of a conversation one evening. The conversation (complaint) mainly focused on the amount of time and money Kirk spent on Airsoft. So Jenni joked that there needed to be an ‘Airsoft Anonymous’ support group. Where obsessive players could go to be rehabilitated and curb their Airsoft addiction. And from there the business was born, though today Jenni is now just as big an Airsoft fan as Kirk!

Alongside the retail space, the guys also have a range. This is perfect for people to try out their guns. Plus, the Airsoft Anonymous team can try out any guns that they’ve worked on or made mods on. It’s a great way too for people to measure the power of their guns, to ensure they remain within legal UK ranges. It also gave Jonathan his first experience of firing an airsoft gun too.

They also have a really active Airsoft loving community, so if that’s your thing, you really should check them out.

Making the KWA Airsoft case

The rest of the team were working away on a fancy upgrade to a limited edition KWA gun. So it was time for Jenni to instruct Jonathan on what was needed for the case. Jenni has made literally hundreds of Airsoft gun case customisations for people now with Shadow Foam. Usually in the popular Nuprol range of cases that they stock and sell. We also sell ready made inserts for these cases. But if you want the personalised touch and don’t fancy taking on the project yourself, then Jenni is the real expert. Just take a look at some of the brilliant customisation she has created in the past:

Just some of the Airsoft gun case customisation and personalisation that Jenni has created for her happy customers

Once the layout of this Airsoft gun case was planned, Jonathan got to work cutting. He even managed to keep the gun cut-out in one piece which we don’t usually do. But Jenni’s 5 year old son collects Shadow Foam guns so that was a bit of a bonus!

It also gave us the opportunity to give our exciting new tool a spin… literally! So, introducing the foam smoothing spinner. This will be a great addition to the kit of anyone looking to really give their foam cutting a neat, polished finish.

The cutting in of the gun and magazines was never really going to cause Jonathan too many headaches though. Considering all the foam cutting he’s done in the past! But we could tell he was more than a little relieved when Jenni nipped out at the point he had to create the logo customisation in the foam panel in the lid. This really has become her area of specialism. So it was clear he was feeling the pressure too keep up with her exacting standards. So much so, he really did employ the big guns for this bit. He gave his extra special new Matt Estlea marking knife an outing for this one!

The finished KWA Airsoft gun case

Still, his Nuprol Airsoft case work seems to have gotten the Airsoft Anonymous stamp of approval. We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief introduction. And we’ll be doing more with the team soon, but possibly when they come up and visit us next time. We’re really looking forward to it! In the meantime, if you want to up your Airsoft gun case to these coveted levels, you really should get in touch with Jenni and team. They really do nail these and totally know their stuff.

The finished Airsoft gun case along with team Airsoft Anonymous (l-r) TJ, Jenni, Kirk, Nala, and honorary member Jonathan

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