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Playstation One Custom Case

Shadow Foam Creations Episode 8

Continuing with some classic retro consoles, we decided to make a custom PSOne case. We used a briefcase bought from eBay, ripped out the insides and replaced it with Shadow Foam. To add extra details, we made a custom disk case that fits the white of the briefcase. Creating the insert was relatively straightforward and can be easily learned using this video.

Customising retro consoles has always been popular. Creating a custom case not only makes them look even cooler! But using Shadow Foam in the customisation will keep it protected, expanding its lifespan. Many people have follow suit and created cases for their consoles too, find out more here. You can also read about our other console cases, like our Gameboy Case, Playstation 2 Case and our SNES case.

Check out the video to see how we made it and get a closer look at it.

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