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This kit contains everything you need to convert Shadow Foam sheets to size and create professional, efficient layouts.

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What’s Included?

  • 1m Straight Edge – Perfect for trimming larger sheets down to size. Just cut along the edge for a nice straight cut.
  • 300mm Steel Ruler – Great for cutting straight lines for smaller sheets, or for creating square cavities.
  • 150mm Steel Ruler – This ruler is extremely useful for measuring the depth of items so you know how far down to cut.
  • Steel Protractor – If you need to cut your sheets to a perfect angle, then this protractor will be a great tool to get that finish.
  • Contour Guide – If you have a complex box or case that your foam is going in, this contour guide can help you get the tricky shape cut correctly.
  • 600/400mm Square – To get a perfectly square cut on such large sheets can be hard, so a large t-square like this is very useful.
  • Template Tool – If you want to create cavities for multiple items then a tool like this will help you achieve the correct size and shape.
  • 3m Tape Measure – A simple tape measure, useful for measuring your box or case, as well as the foam itself.
  • Stencil Set – Some toolboxes and cases have rounded corners, so a radius stencil will help you cut the corner. They can also be used to cut circle items, like sockets (Available separately).

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