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What's included?

1m Straight Edge

Perfect for trimming larger sheets down to size. Just cut along the edge for a nice straight cut.

300mm Steel Ruler

Great for cutting straight lines for smaller sheets, or for creating square cavities. 

150mm Steel Ruler

This ruler is extremely useful for measuring the depth of items so you know how far down to cut.

Steel Protractor

If you need to cut your sheets to a perfect angle, then this protractor will be a great tool to get that finish.

Contour Guide

If you have a complex box or case that your foam is going in, this contour guide can help you get the tricky shape cut corectly.

600/400mm Square

To get a perfectly square cut on such large sheets can be hard, so a large t-square like this is very useful.

Template Tool

If you want to create cavities for multiple items then a tool like this will help you achieve the correct size and shape.

3m Tape Measure

A simple tape measure, useful for measuring your box or case, as well as the foam itself.

Stencil Set

Some tool boxes and cases have rounded corners, so a radius stencil will help you cut the corner. They can also be used to cut circle items, like sockets.

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