Grease Nipple Caps (Pack of 25)



Our Grease Nipple Caps are a durable, long-term solution for cover, protection and visual management for grease nipples.

As a simple-to-use and fit product, these caps are a dual-purpose product. Firstly, they are essential for covering the end tip to prevent overflowing or leakage. However, when there are hundreds of types of grease, it can be difficult to know which one should be used at a given time. We have designed these grease nipple caps to be easily colour-coordinated with the rest of our product line. Used in conjunction with our Tool Marking Kit you can easily visually identify which type of grease should be applied through matching colours of the grease nipple cap, and the colour attached to the grease gun.

These Grease Nipple Caps are 6mm in size, which are designed to easily fit over the end of most Grease Nipples. We also have Grease Nipples available for purchase.


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