Easy Peel Foam Packs

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Sheet Size: 600mm x 420mm

35 Elite Points – 40 Elite Points in Shadow Foam Loyalty Points

Shadow Foam Easy Peel is the only product of its kind available on the market. To get organised requires a simple 2-step process: cut and peel. Easy Peel is available in 6 colours, with either a colour top or a colour base, making the customisation possibilities endless.

  • UV Resistance ensure the colours stay vibrant
  • Eco-friendly polyethylene foam, making off-cuts 100% recyclable
  • HCFC Free and odourless means no strong chemical or solvent smells
  • Protect items from impact whilst keeping them organised
  • Resistance to water and common chemicals
  • Easy to clean, simply wipe off any mess (oil, grease etc.)

This type of foam has become one of our most popular products, with many customers choosing to buy in bulk. The customisable product is made up of 30mm to 50mm thick foam (our easy peel packs), really depending on your preference.

We have loads of pictures from our customer’s projects that we love to share!

Cutting Instructions

YouTube video

Material: 100% Polyethylene Foam (LDPE)
Structure: Multi-layered
Width: 420mm (16.5″)
Length: 600mm (23.5″)
Depth: 30mm/50mm (1.2″/2″)
Additional Information
Water and Common Chemical Resistance 30mm Pack contains 5 Sheets
100% Recyclable 50mm Pack contains 3 Sheets
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