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Compact Tool Case

Compact Tool Case

A small but perfectly formed compact tool kit. This compact tool case is the perfect thing to have around the house, at work or on a job. It doesn’t matter

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Edd China’s Custom Toolbox

Want to know what happened when we made a custom toolbox for Edd China…!?  Ever heard of Stellas Voice charity? Well read on! If you don’t already know Edd China…

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The Perfect Stationery Organiser

Nothing is worse than having a messy desk. Shadow Foam is a great solution to maintaining an organised desk. Keeping everything in clear view and everything having it’s own place means that the struggle to find a pen will never happen again!

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PS4 Console and Fifa 19 Game

Playstation 4 Travel Case

Shadow Foam Creations Episode 28 The dream is to be able to game on the go. That’s why portable consoles like the PSP and Nintendo DS were created. But what

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Free Basic Cutting Kit

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