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Colin Furze

12m Subscribers

My channel is the home of crazy inventions, brilliant world records and constant disregard to health and safety. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the videos uploaded as there some of the best and most original on the net and it is TV shows that copy me not the other way round. Thanks and hope you have enjoyed the ride.


1.2m Subscribers

I lost my air pods twice and I’m pretty good with the camera.

Nick Zammeti

872K Subscribers

This is my channel and I try to create fun inspirational DIY projects for my viewers. I make all things , from Woodturning a bowl to making a crazy arty table. Come and join us for some cool funky creations!

Matt Estlea

292K Subscribers

I come from 5 years experience at Rycotewood Furniture Centre, a furniture school based in Oxford, UK where I learnt everything from basic hand techniques, to material theory, to advanced machining techniques.

Tom Cardy

113K Subscribers

My name is Tom Cardy & I am a 27 year old professional MTB rider based in the U.K.

Nick James


Designer and maker of fine furniture and wonderful wooden things…

Claire's Crafty Corner

81K Subscribers

I have been making furniture for over 16 years now and I’ve had pieces of furniture in Harrods in London, made dining tables for royalty and had pieces shipped all over the world.

James Garwood

73K Subscribers

I have been making furniture for over 16 years now and I’ve had pieces of furniture in Harrods in London, made dining tables for royalty and had pieces shipped all over the world.

Kids Invent Stuff


Kids Invent Stuff is the YouTube channel where kids’ ideas are made into real working inventions! We bring to life a kid’s invention every single month!

Jim Overton

44K Subscribers

My name is Jim Overton and I live on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire in the UK. I make and create things, mainly out of wood. I do a lot of Woodturning but also do wood carving, cold casting, knife making and leatherwork.

Bradshaw Joinery

40K Subscribers

UK-based Joiner making fun and instructional videos on YouTube

Deer River Craftsman


UK-based furniture makers: We have a simple philosophy of Service with a dedication to Craftsmanship & Detail

Kara Beal

26K Subscribers

Follow me on my MTB journey learning new skills and progressing on the bike! I ride a variety of different disciplines from skatepark to downhill and enduro riding and even take part in a few MTB races!

Mad Ford Engineering


Mad ford is a specialist in all things classic and retro ford, from servicing to full restorations, and anything in between, in house body and paint. We stream our workshop daily, including road trips and action from the man cave building Tamiya R/C kits


John Clothier


On my channel you will find various projects that I have made from simple pens and bowls right up to more elaborate and decorated pieces.

Toonpish Crafts

9.5K Subscribers

Hi I’m Wendy a resin artist and crafter. I have always liked crafting and hope to share my passion for resin with you.

JP Woodwork

9K Subscribers

Hey! I am JP, I Am a hobbyist Woodworker who loves to do both Woodturning and Scrollsaw art and occasionally some other pieces, i am still learning to improve the craft of woodworking every day and i would love it if you would join me on my journey.

Strawbyte Workshop

8K Subscribers

A small place at the bottom of my garden and home to creativity and making.

Ruth Amos


I’m an inventor and engineer who loves problem solving, learning new skills and making crazy inventions! One half of Kids Invent Stuff- www.youtube.com/kidsinventstuff

Hand Tool Restoration


Welcome to hand tool restoration where old rusty tools get refurbished and restored.

Moorlander EDC

6.5K Subscribers

I got into EDC when it was really just ‘stuff in my pocket’. I always had stuff with me to help me do stuff and get through the day. I could be posh and say ‘I carry to help me tackle life’s challenges head on’ but that’s a wee bit too cheesey… however it’s kinda true. Bags have always been my main fascination, and the rest of the EDC stuff just followed a long with that.

Peach Tree Crafting

3.5K Subscribers

I help new and amateur woodworkers like myself learn basics, tricks and hacks. I’m a maker, DIY’er, Crafter and general builder. I work in Wood, Resin, Foam, metal and plastic.

SK Krafts

3K Subscribers

Come along for the ride and see what crazy things I come up with in the new challenges ahead, I am sure there will be some fails on the way but the main thing is we enjoy the ride.

Country Wood Girl

3K Subscribers

Hey! It’s Country Wood Girl! I make all sorts of furniture out of wood, my videos show how I do it.

The Woodgineer

2K Subscribers

Making silly things from (mostly) wood. Because reasons.

Fabio Sartori


Pro Mechanic from Italy, working in the Mountain Biking XCO World Cup, with tool organisation being a high priority.

The Yorkshire Mix

1K Subscribers

Hello and welcome to my channel. Here you will find a good mix of content ranging from tool reviews to the jobs I use them on. The tools will be put to good use ranging from blacksmithing to car repairs and any random builds in-between

The Bluelight Turners Workshop

1K Subscribers

Hi I’m Scot, A Woodturner and Maker from the market town of Horsham in West Sussex, UK.

Matt's DIY

1K Subscribers

21 year old woodworker from Essex!

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