Shadow Foam Original

Shadow Foam Original is a different grade of foam from Easy Peel. If you are not specifically looking for Original, we recommend that you purchase Easy Peel.

Original is a softer grade of foam that does not peel. Instead, the depth must be set by trimming the foam with an angled cut. Comparatively to Easy Peel, it is a more complex process. It also does not offer the same water and common chemical resistance protection that Easy Peel does. Original can be more suited to sensitive or delicate equipment.

Easy Peel is a cut and peel foam that is much easier to work with, and therefore makes your project quicker to complete! If you want to know the difference you can click here.

Benefits of Easy Peel:

  • 8 base or top colours availble
  • UV Resistance ensure the colours stay vibrant
  • Eco-friendly polyethylene foam, making off-cuts 100% recyclable
  • HCFC Free and odourless means no strong chemical or solvent smells
  • Resistance to water and common chemicals
  • Easy to clean, simply wipe off any mess (oil, grease etc.)
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