New Product: Easy Peel launches on Kickstarter!

For two years we have been hard at work to develop a brand new product. Using feedback from our customers we have been able to produce a new material that will change the way we organise. We received numerous amounts of feedback on the ease of use of Shadow Foam. Many customers said that they found it difficult to cut the depth properly, so we set out to address that.

What is Easy Peel?

Easy Peel is a simplified version of our original Shadow Foam product. Simply cut and peel. It’s that easy! Easy Peel is a multi-layered polyethylene foam, meaning no more cutting the depth!

We also have made Easy Peel water and chemical resistant, so no more stress over spills! Not only that, but it’s 100% recyclable, meaning offcuts can be disposed of easily and responsibly.

It wouldn’t be Shadow Foam without being colorful. Not only are we releasing Easy Peel in 7 colors, but you can choose whether you want a color top or a color base. Easy Peel is the only foam of its kind to be able to offer these color variations.

Should I not buy Shadow Foam anymore?

It depends. Our original Shadow Foam and Easy Peel are very different products. Shadow Foam is a softer grade of foam that is more customizable due to being able to get precise depth cuts. However, Easy Peel is simpler and easier to use the product, while also being denser.

Depending on your usage you could use either product. Neither product is better than the other, if you would like some advice on which to use, feel free to get in contact with us.

Where can I get it?

Easy Peel is currently available on Kickstarter for a limited time at a 30% discount. Our funding campaign ends on the 30th of August at 6:30 pm BST. If you want to preorder Easy Peel then head over there!


Shadow Foam Easy Peel is now available for general sale! Click here