Nanuk Tool Case

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Something truly unique about Easy Peel is that is can be used to make trays for a toolbox. This Nanuk case would only be good for deep tools if not for the use of trays. Now that we’ve added in these sheets we’ve been able to create three extra layers to add tools to. There is no other way to have all of these tools in this case without foam. Not only that but we’ve also added a sheet in the lid for even more tools! This is one cool Nanuk Case.

Nanuk Case

A big problem with cases like this is that if there isn’t an interior then all you can do is throw everything in together, rattling around. With foam, your tools are organised and protected. You’ll never struggle to find a tool again!

Nanuk Case

With this case we’ve put our most used tools on the top layer, with the less used, more bulky items on the bottom layer. This mean that the daily use tools are right in reach, and you’re not always taking the layers in and out to get the tools you need.

The great thing about Shadow Foam is it’s so versatile, you can use it for a wide range of things. This video series is all about showing off all the ways you can use Shadow Foam, and hopefully give you some inspiration! Watch our whole video series here.

Shadow Foam is fantastic for many different uses, but the one we find the most popular is the fact our product is fantastic for tool box foam.

Check out the video to see how we made it and get a closer look at it.

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