Makita Makpac Storage Solution

The problem with many tool boxes, especially the Makita Makpac storage range, is that there’s nothing to stop your tools from rolling around or crashing into each other. This can easily cause damage or disorganisation at best, whenever your tools are on the move. With Shadow Foam that’s a thing of the past. To show you how, we took some of our Makita power tools and a Makpac and gave them the Shadow Foam treatment.

Not only does Shadow Foam give protection to your tools, but they are also organised. Never again will you struggle to find the right tool; constantly rooting around at the bottom of a case or bag.

Colour is key!

We decided to go for a bright red colour for the foam to make the blue of the tools pop. That’s another great thing about Shadow Foam, you can really customise and personalise your tools and toolboxes.

If you had several Makita Makpac containers stacked on each other you can really see how efficient a colouring system could be. For example, if you colour coordinated your tools, with one quick look you can see the colour of the inserts, and you know what’s going to be in there.  Impactful and ingenious!  

Try our Makita Makpac storage inserts for yourself

Our inserts are the perfect solution for your Makita Makpac storage needs.  They are the perfect fit for your Makpac, simply slide it in. Introducing our latest Makita Makpac Foam Inserts – no messing around with cutting, measuring your toolbox up or wasted time! – the perfect fit for your tool box.

All you have to do is pick your colour from a range of 7 awesome shades and then select the depth you need.

This project was extremely easy to create thanks to how simple it is to cut our foam. Check out our cutting packs to make it easy and safe when you’re working on your Makita Makpac project!

Check out the video to see how we made it and get a closer look at it.

Interested in Shadow Foam? Pick up a sample

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