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Magnusson Site System Foam Inserts

magnusson Site System inserts

The tough, durable and reliable Magnusson brand created by B&Q is a toolbox range that is here to help you get the job done, especially when it comes with quality hand tools to choose from!

The Nordic and Viking sounding Magnusson toolbox is a perfect organisational toolbox and our Foam inserts take you to the next level, especially when it fits perfectly in into the Magnusson toolbox with no messing and no fuss.

What do our customers think of our Foam Inserts?

Saul Wheatley
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Really impressed, and now I have everything I want, neatly located and held in place perfectly.
Glyn Durant
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The first thing to say is that this product is fantastic, it has allowed me organise my toolbox helping with my efficiency and it’s easy to spot missing tools.
Richard Nicholls
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This product is brilliant and the Easy Peel variety is extremely easy to use. A superb way to store my tools and tidy my drawers.
Matt Roberts
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Watched a few YouTube videos and was a bit sceptical about how easy this was going to be, but it really is as easy as they say...

Magnusson Foam Inserts - Easy Peel

The Magnusson site system toolbox is the perfect fit for our foam inserts which are designed and built solely for the Magnusson range, but what is Shadow Foam inserts and how does It work with the Magnusson toolbox?

Shadow Foam Easy Peel is our top and most popular product in our range – the true tool and items organiser for businesses, individuals and trades people. Our shadow foam inserts help keep your products not only tidy but protected.  

We are continuously evolving, improving and expanding our product range which is why we believe it’s the perfect time to offer our customers the new Magnusson storage box inserts – no more messing around, cutting your own foam, measuring dimensions or wasting bits of foam, just the perfect fit to allow your foam to just slip right into your Magnusson toolbox.

Our Magnusson Foam Inserts are not only fantastic for tool organisation and protection but also we’ve added a number of colours to our range!

We and our customers got a little bored of offering just a plain old colour  – we wanted to ensure our toolboxes and organisers lit up when we opened them up! – So, we’ve added 6 different colours to choose from: Blue, Green, Red, Black, Yellow, Orange.

Magnusson Site System Inserts

How do I cut Magnusson Foam Inserts?

Our Magnusson Storage box inserts are created from our most popular and very easy to use product, easy peel. Our foam inserts are truly one-of-a-kind products, super easy to cut and peel, even for those who are quite new to organising the toolbox or organising the storage boxes. For those that are quite experienced, well, this will be even easier!

One of the best things about our new Magnusson toolbox foam inserts is that you can enjoy the product in a whole mix of different colours. Mix things up with a yellow, orange or perhaps even a green – or maybe you’d like to pick something closer to your favourite colour.

The colour customisation allows anyone that buys a Magnusson toolbox and foam inserts a far more pleasing / enjoyable experience.

Quite new to this and want to learn a little more about Easy Peel, or perhaps you want to cut like a pro. Click here to find out more!


Unfortunately, we do not offer a cutting service for your Magnusson Toolbox Foam Inserts. It is super easy to do yourself. Check out our tutorial above or find out How to cut Foam here.

Absolutely, you can change the base colour to either Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange or Red!

Yes absolutely. You can find our Easy Peel Samples here.

Absolutely! Our foam is reversible – either use the black side or the coloured side on the back, your choice! 

Magnusson Toolbox Foam Inserts

The Nordic sounding Magnusson toolbox comes with a mix of durable, tough and reliable tools that fit perfectly with our foam inserts, and no need to worry about the foam inserts not matching your toolbox – especially when our Easy Peel foam comes in 6 different colours to choose from, and one of them is orange. 

Our Shadow Foam is the perfect companion for those looking to improve and add foam inserts to their Magnusson toolbox. 

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