How can I organise my desk at work to maximise productivity?

As the saying goes: ‘a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind’. And it’s true. No matter which profession you work in; if you can’t find a pen, calculator or ruler when you need one, it not only looks unprofessional; but you can lose focus on the job at hand, waste valuable time and ultimately reduce your overall productivity. Disorganisation can cost you a lot more than you think!

Everybody has their own style of working. However, it’s fair to say that a having a highly organised, and efficient workspace can dramatically improve your concentration, maximise productivity and quite simply, it looks way more professional.

And a tidy desk won’t just improve your levels of efficiency and professionalism. With the ever-increasing onus on health and safety in the workplace, having a well-organised working environment can really reduce the risk of any accidents in your office, staff room, design studio or any other work setting – causing a lot of added stress and headaches – not to mention serious injuries.

Feng Shui, a popular ancient Chinese art form, demonstrates how the presentation, direction and organisation of different spaces can affect productivity and relationships with people and colleagues in a positive way. For example, having your chair and desk facing a doorway, can produce energy forces which harmonise individuals in their working environment.

Many office desk units come with a built-in draw and desk organiser trays, that can really help keep everything compartmentalised in a secure and easy-to-find place. This will save time rummaging around for what you need and be more professional while you’re on the phone or about to dash into a meeting.

The problem, however, with many desk organising solutions is that nothing on offer is completely bespoke and your equipment and items might still rattle around in a bog standard, not to mention, plastic tray. The spaces available will not directly fit your equipment and you will most likely mix your stationery items up and still struggle to find what you need at that crucial moment.

The best option for you is a storage solution that can accommodate each item in your draw, giving it its own space and making everything in easy reach if you are ever in a rush.

How can Shadow Foam help?

Shadow Foam is a customisable grade of foam that can be easily cut and shaped to fit your office stationery; whether you’re a lawyer, accountant, architect or designer – with Shadow Foam your office items will fit perfectly. Just take everything you need easy access to on a daily basis and fit them in the custom inserts.

There are many grades of foam available, but very few can be cut with a blade and leave a clean edge, like Shadow Foam. Most foams snag and bind on a blade, other grades are far too soft and can deteriorate quickly. And others are just too stiff and can hardly be cut at all. Shadow Foam balances all the characteristics required to create the perfect DIY customisable foam.

Watch our video (link to video) to see just how easy it is to create your bespoke drawer compartments which will neatly house all of your essential work stationery. Our customers (link to any reviews) are already maximising their productivity and professionalism!

What are the benefits of an organised desk?

Communicates professionalism

Whether you are speaking to clients/customers over the phone or in person, forcing them to listen or watch whilst you spend time rummaging around for a pen or a certain set of notes will undoubtedly communicate the wrong impression. If visitors are aware that you are organised and on top of everything, then this will maintain and even increase their trust in you and your company.

Less clutter can reduce stress in the workplace

Knowing that every item has its place will keep you at ease and reassure you that you have everything under control. Once you have this in mind, you can continue working to your full capacity and even improve your productivity.

A tidy working environment can boost creativity

Studies have revealed that a tidy space to work in can boost creativity. Without any clutter or mess to cause distraction, you can focus on coming up with some great ideas, and you will have your tidy and organised desk to thank!

Saves time

Once you know exactly where everything is, then you will no longer have to waste any time looking for an item. With Shadow Foam, everything has its place, so whatever you need will be within easy reach and you’ll be able to locate in next to no time at all.

Want to know more?

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