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Like many things in life, practice makes perfect. We have many happy customers who create fantastic foam liners to a very high standard. We supply a free cutting kit with all orders over £50, or a kit can be purchased for £9.99 from the Extras page if your order is for less. This kit contains step-by-step instructions on how to cut the foam, a scalpel, blades and specialist foam glue that can repair any mistakes should you make them. If you follow the instructions and use a sharp blade, the foam is the easiest and best quality custom foam available.

We are asked this question all the time, and the answer is very simple. The surface of the foam liner is harder than the foam itself. Once you have cut around the tool as deep as required, you can press down on the foam to expose the side of the cut you have made. This allows you to make a further cut parallel to the surface of the foam all the way around the template and then remove the excess foam. This technique gives a very neat and precise finish and allows each tool to be sunk to a different depth into the foam liner.

Not with Shadow Foam Original as it is soft enough to not require them. However, with Easy Peel it is recommended to cut finger pulls to be able to lift items out of the liner. You can use our stencil set to help with making them.

This is quick and easy, but should be done safely. Watch the video linked here for best practice.

Shadow Foam is CNC friendly, in fact we only cut the foam in-house with our CNC Laser as it is quick and efficient. The guys over at Redecal Machines however put together a step-by-step guide on how to cut Shadow Foam with a Router, take a look here.

If you want to know the difference between our two grades, you can find all the info you need here.

If you have any other questions not on this page, please contact us and we will get back you.