Desk Drawer Organisation

Shadow Foam Creations Episode 2

Nothing is worse than having a messy desk. Shadow Foam is a great solution to maintaining an organised desk. Keeping everything in clear view and everything having it’s own place means that the struggle to find a pen will never happen again! We took all of the essential items for an efficient workspace and cut them into custom inserts. To learn how to cut Shadow Foam, visit this link.

Desk organisation is a hotly debated topic, and not something to be taken lightly! An organised desk makes for an efficient and clean work environment. While it may seem impractical to cut your desk items into foam, the results are completely worth it. The problem with other desk organisation solutions is that nothing is truly bespoke. With Shadow Foam only your items will fit, and they will fit perfectly. Shadow Foam has so many applications outside of desk organisation aswell, see what other people have used Shadow Foam for.

Check out the video to see how we made it and get a closer look at it.

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