About Us

Independently owned, Shadow Foam® Ltd, which was incorporated in 2012, is headed up by a small team of professionals. Their experience has been drawn from Engineering functions within various industries, from consumer goods manufacture and heavy processes, to pharmaceutical and aviation.

Shadow Foam Ltd is based in the UK where our product is manufactured from start to finish. Our exact manufacturing process is closely guarded, however the composition is broadly described in this video.

Working closely with strategic partners, Shadow Foam® Ltd has developed a tried and tested, cost effective, and durable grade of customisable foam. Although originally developed for tool control, Shadow Foam® is now used for a variety of other applications.

Take a look at our Show Case Video to see some examples of our foam in use.

What is Shadow Foam?

Shadow Foam is a customisable grade of foam that can be easily cut and shaped to fit your tools or gadgets. Shadow Foam is a specially developed grade of foam coated with a clear rubber compound, which slows the oxidisation process and stops the foam discolouring over time as all foam does. The coating also makes the surface of the foam slightly harder meaning a sharp blade cuts cleanly.

There are many grades of foam available, but very few can be cut with a blade and leave a clean edge. Most foams snag and bind on a blade, other grades are far too soft and deteriorate quickly. Others are too stiff and can hardly be cut at all. Shadow Foam balances all the characteristics required to create the perfect DIY customisable foam. These characteristics create a product that is perfect for hand cutting, and can be used for not only tools, but all manner of items that need to be organised or need to be protected.


Feedback, opinions and comments of any kind are viewed as valuable information which can help us to grow and improve our company and product. If you have anything to tell us, then we’d love to hear from you.