4 Reasons why Tool Organisation is Important

The Perfect Tool Organisation

Tool organisation and storage is incredibly important and if it is nice and tidy can be extremely beneficial for any company or professional individual.

It can certainly seem a bit of a pain, however it will help you or your workplace run much smoother and ultimately impact your bottom line positively.

What are the top 4 reasons why you should have a good organisation for your tools?

  • Inspire yourself and employees – No one likes a messy workplace nor a messy toolbox. Workers are less likely to take ownership of maintaining workspace when disorganised and messy.

    Using Shadow Foam Easy Peel or Foam Inserts, you and employees will know the home of the tools with a very quick look, but also, you will see how efficient you and colleagues become when tools are organised, additionally your colleagues are more likely to keep the space clean and tidy – a double whammy.
  • Improve processes and keep your customer happy – It is so easy to waste time trying to locate a specific tool or tools, especially if your toolbox or work bench is disorganised. This can naturally impact the production process more than you think, especially when you are trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    A lot of companies who do not use foam inserts or some form of tool bench organiser can have major difficulties or delays when manufacturing products – this would have a knock-on effect for products being delivered to customers.
Easy Peel Foam
Organised Tool Cab using Shadow Foam Easy Peel
  • Save money on your tools! – Tools can easily get misplaced, lost or potentially stolen in a workplace leading a manager to purchase several unnecessary duplicates or replacements. This is where a foam organiser works perfectly; it alerts workers or managers when a tool is no longer there or misplaced – a manager can remedy the situation quickly.

    For any company, purchasing new tools or general replacements can end up as a huge cost to any company and a good tool organiser can fix this issue. To give you a better idea – these are just a small selection of companies that have worked with us for foam inserts and tool organisations.
Companies Shadow Foam works with
  • Reduce wasted time for your company or colleagues – When tools are not organised properly, workers can unintentionally waste a considerable amount of time trying to locate misplaced or lost tools, with some workers wonder where the tools belong when it comes to returning them.

    By tidying your space and implementing a form of tool organisation strategy, workers can easily find and put back tools they work with during processes throughout the day.

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